Overcoming Switching To YouTube.com

Overcoming Switching To YouTube.com

How do I solve switching to YouTube.com when I want to watch a video there? Please note that older versions of Android phones can no longer access the YouTube app.

YouTube Problem Can’t Be Opened And Asks To Switch

Ice Cream Sandwich is a version of Android 4.0 to Kitkat (4.4) which no longer has support from Google. This is because the version of Android continues to be updated until now, and the old one is starting to be abandoned. This means that you may not be able to open various Google applications if your cellphone still has an operating system below Android 4.4 (KitKat).

How to Check the Android Version on Your Phone

Android Version

  • Settings
  • About phone
  • Android version


Case Example of Switching to Youtube.com on Samsung

For example, the Samsung Galaxy Young Duos with the same operating system cannot open the YouTube application properly. There is a message redirecting to YouTube.com with the details “This version of YouTube is out of date and there is no update for your device. Open YouTube.com in your browser.”

Indicates support for this Android version is no longer available. You can no longer open the YouTube application. Even updating the YouTube application on the Play Store does not provide a solution. After the update, the application can be opened for a while. Then the notification message immediately appeared again. Uninstalling and then installing the YouTube update has no effect either. So what is the solution to overcome YouTube which can no longer be opened and you have to switch to this browser?

How to Overcome Switching to YouTube.com

At least to be safe, your cellphone must be at least Android 5.0 (Lollipop). So support for YouTube and Google applications is still there. So for several solutions to overcome YouTube asking to switch, including:

Update Cell Phone System
Solved switching to YouTube as explained, update to Lollipop. This is mandatory, check on Google how much support the type of cellphone you have supports. It is very predictable, usually the Android version can be updated once on top of the previous version. For example, if the new version of your cellphone is KitKat, you can update it to Lollipop. However, not all cell phones can be updated.

OTA Update / Automatic Update
Updates are usually via Settings in the software update section. Use the OTA update or download it online and it will be installed automatically. After the phone Restart due to an update. If the version is already high follow YouTube support. So the problem of switching to YouTube.com has been resolved.

Manual Updates
Overcoming switching to YouTube.com if the OTA update or automatic update is no longer available, don’t rush to be pessimistic, try opening the official website from your cellphone. One example is the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1. You can check it directly like this:

  • Go to asus.com
  • Look for the search icon then enter “Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1”
  • Select the cellphone icon
  • Select Drivers & Tools
  • Select BIOS & Firmware

Now! There is firmware available there that you can download for free and then use to update the Android version on your cellphone manually.

Custom ROMs
Usually, standard Android phones can upgrade the Android version to a maximum of 1 to 2 versions above. For example, the first time you buy a new Android cellphone, it is on version 4.0, so you can most likely upgrade to version 6.0, and that depends on the policy of the cellphone brand.

If it turns out that your cellphone can no longer be upgraded to version 5.0 and 5.1. So one alternative is to replace the default ROM with a custom ROM with a minimum version of 5.0 and 5.1

You can look for information in groups or online discussion forums regarding your cellphone information, and what Custom ROMs are suitable and stable for your type of cellphone.

Opening YouTube from Browser
The purpose of switching to YouTube.com when you open the video streaming application is this. Namely opening from the browser to overcome the weakness of the YouTube application which is no longer supported on Android versions below Lollipop. That is how to overcome switching to YouTube.com:

Open YouTube via Phone Browser

  • Open the Chrome application or your cellphone’s default browser.
  • Enter the usual address at the top, type the address youtube.com.
  • Later you will be directed to m.youtube.com (which means YouTube mobile view).
  • You will be taken to the YouTube site to be able to enjoy the video there.

The Chrome version for phones with the KitKat operating system also potentially cannot be updated. Stop at certain versions where security becomes a risk. This could still be a solution if Chrome on the cellphone can still surf well.

Using the Modified YouTube Application
BUKcase recommends you use the NewPipe application. Download and install the application on your old cellphone. Because of its small size, it is very suitable for old cell phones with limited storage.

NewPipe is even better than regular YouTube. Can download videos in the desired format such as MP3 and MP4.

Several Solutions to Overcome Switching to YouTube.com

  • Clear Cache then Clear Data. Just updated the YouTube application.
  • Use third-party applications, such as the one that many users use, GoTube – which can be downloaded via the Play Store.
  • Use other third-party Apps like NewPipe, YouTube Revanced, etc.
  • The next step if you are stuck is to do a Custom ROM to upgrade the Android version.


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